Mohamed Alif Kahlani

Beyond marketing… making things happen

With more than four years experience in sales, marketing and communication, Mohamed Alif Kahlani is a modern CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), combining a strategic view with an operational Know-How. His understanding of enterprise, its components and leadership styles, make of him the right person to analyze and define the different alternatives that could be taken.

Believing that the success comes from the team work, Mohamed know how to mix the right resources with the best tools to achieve goals. Willing to learn every day, he works continuously to enlarge his network within professional and civil society.

He is experienced in business development, content creation, social media, media campaigns and have a good verbal communication. Analytical thinker, Mohamed is also creative in spirit. He is a committed individual who can multi-task and stay focused and has the ability to produce compelling content, in long or short form.

He Has Held various executive positions in sales and management at audio-visual and services companies in Tunisia i.e. Expert Reseller of TOPNET / Tunisia, Project Manager of Angel Team / Tunisia, Marketing Manager of Al Qalam TV / Tunisia, Head of PR / IR & Communications Department of Maghreb 24 Television - M24 / Canada and Media and Communications Officer of Electoral Reform International Services (ERIS) / UK.

Mohamed Alif Kahlani was educated in IHEC “Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales” (school of Business) in Sousse / Tunisia and Both “Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV” University and the IFE “Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Entrepreneuriat” in Mauritius. He has been the keynote speaker at several conferences and both trainer and national observer of the post-revolution elections in 2011 / Tunisia. His mother language is Arabic and he speaks French and English fluently.

The Entreprise.

Once Mr Claude Ruel, a famous Canadian in entrepreneurship field, told me: When you dream to make something real, start doing it with whatever resource you have and develop it. I started then blogging because I believed in spreading entrepreneurship. When I read the following quote, “Entrepreneurship is doing great things with small means. Doing great things with great means, it is called management “of Paul-Arthur Fortin, I understood that a real entrepreneur is a person having state of mind of making things bigger.. Making things happen.

This book is a new perspective of Islamic economics in particular in the field of entrepreneurship. How can Islamic banks insure sustainable development when it does not work on creating a real market that depends on this industry?

We have tried in this book to explain the concepts related to entrepreneurship and the spirit of this initiative and define it according to the Arabic lexicon.

This book is made to be an opportunity for those who want to enter the business field from an Islamic perspective view since there is a lack of research in this specific field. This book is also a guide for students, professionals and researchers to facilitate research in the field of entrepreneurship in Islamic Arab countries.

Our goal is not to give a complete scientific definition of Islamic entrepreneurship because of the absence of a qualified laboratory research. However, we wanted to highlight the real Islamic economics, the so-called "Entrepreneurship" and explore potential opportunities for its development after the success that knows Islamic finance.


Korea TV - Angel Team 2010

Hangout - AlQalam TV 2012

Projet Jeunes et Citoyens - Eris 2013

Concours AlQalam TV 2012


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